Gaming VPN

IP Vanish:

IP vanish is also one of the popular gaming VPN with multiple features. Security is the prime concern for IP Vanish gaming VPN. Clients who are security conscious would prefer IP Vanish on any other VPN. IP Vanish runs its own network and infrastructure. This shows in terms of performance. They provide high run-time with excellent download speed. The drawback here is pricing, as IP Vanish is a bit more expensive than any other average VPN. There’s no free trial either, but subscriptions do come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. Out of the three available plans, the 1-year plan offers the best value-for-money.


  1. Great server coverage
  2. Excellent performance


  1. Slightly pricier than others
  2. No free trial


 IP vanish is available in 75+ locations. It provides larger shared IPs. The number of shared IPs exceeds 40,000. It has 1300+ VPN Servers. No restriction is there even on the block sites and clients can enjoy any website.


Security and Privacy are the prime concerns of IP Vanish gaming VPN. It is different from internet browser going incognito. They make client’s IP address disappear. In this way client’s online activities are untraceable and safe. They follow the strict zero-logs policy wrapping client’s identity. No online activity is recorded during surfing.

Whenever clients are using free Wi-Fi their personal information and data is at risk. IP Vanish, as customer’s data safety is their prime value, provides its clients with the facility of keeping their data and information locked with encryption. In this way they assure keeping out the hackers, ISPs and Tech-Savvy teens. Moreover, their app development and customer support is managed internally. In this way, they ensure the protection of client’s information.

User Friendly Setup:

The set of IP Vanish is not so much difficult. Though here and there they have a small check for security purpose. Overall it is easy to install and use.


Right now they are offering three different purchase plans. These are one month, three months and one year plans. Details are as under:



One Month


Three Months


One Year


[$4.87 a month] 1-year – $58.49

[$6.74 a month] 3-months – $20.24

[$7.50 a month] 1-month – $7.50

Cost is a bit high as compared to other gaming VPNs. But their security features surpass other VPN providers. Customer Support. Budget conscious client may not afford a bit higher prices. But here again comes security first. It depends what do you prefer for your gaming internet. If your preference is security, then cost does not matter.

Customer support is another valued service by IP Vanish VPN. They have multiple sources for their clients’ services. A separate support center is working 24/7 for clients’ support. Clients can ask a question directly in their secure chat-box, emails and by asking a question. Here again they are using more than one supporting tools for the comfort of their clients.