Best Antivirus For Mac

Your Mac can be your most important asset. Not because you have spent some money on it but because you have stored your valuable data in it. So when your system means so much to you then obviously you have to take some measures to protect it. Now the question is, what measures one can take to secure it’s Mac from malware? Well, one can upgrade its by-default system from time to time and then it can also use third party antiviruses especially designed to fight and kill dirty viruses.

So to help my audience in their search today I have bought two best antiviruses for Mac which I have tested myself. These both antiviruses are free and are specially designed for Mac. To be honest not everyone can afford to pay 40, 60, 80 or sometimes 100$ on antivirus software and necessarily when the one you pay for are not much different from the free ones. So let’s get started.

My first choice is Sophos. Once you download it you will get two different options on the tab bar. Now if you want to download both of these you need to download avast first because if you first download Sophos and then avast, it will give you an error that Sophos is not compatible with Avast.

The interface of Sophos is really clean and simple. On the home page, you will see two options i-e full scan and protection. In full scan, it will scan any file on your Mac no matter if it’s in hundreds or thousands. In protection settings, it provides automatic virus protection, web protection, and potentially unwanted app detection.  Now, these are always going to be on but you can manage exception. For instance, I have an app and Sophos mark it as a virus. Now I can go to the exceptions and make that app as an exception so it will not delete it. This is something I love about this antivirus.  It will not continuously give you a red signal that you have a malicious app when you specifically know it’s not. If you also don’t know what it is then yes you can delete it but that’s another case. You will love this best free antivirus for Mac because it will not slow down your system while scanning and will allow you to do whatever you are doing in the meantime. So isn’t it fantastic? 

Time for the last one,  Avast. It also has a pretty nice user interface but it has few features which can mislead you so let’s check them first. In tool options it will offer you avast online security, passwords secure line VPN etc. If you want to use all these, feel free to explore but honestly, they are just wastage of time.

If you take a look at the scan then you will get to know that it is giving you the perk of the custom scan, full system scan, and removable volume scan.  You can also do home network security scan if you are sharing your device across the network.  You can also buy its premium version but if ask me, don’t bother. Its free version is enough to protect your Mac