Best Pet Tracking Camera

Petcube is an interactive webcam/baby monitor that allows you to contact your pet at any time, and even play with it. Reviews of Petcube show that such an option for communication is completely satisfied for both the animal and the owner. This is the best solution among cheap indoor dog cameras and more expensive options.

How Petcube Works

Petcube connects to a wireless home network and allows the owner to connect at any time. To understand whether there is an animal nearby, the developers equipped Petcube (the characteristics of the device are very good) with a motion sensor. Thus, if you see that in a short time the pet approached Petcube (reviews show that this feature is highly appreciated by the owners) several times, then the animal wants to play/chat with the owner.

You can not only talk to your pet but also play with the laser pointer on a moving platform, which is provided by the developers. I must say that the price of Petcube is low compared to the capabilities of the device. Among other things, on the body, you can put on various skins that change the design of the device.

How to Manage Petcube

To remotely control the device, you must install the special Petcube application. The application price is zero, that is, developers distribute it for free, complete with the device.

After installing the application on a smartphone, the owner of the device can immediately begin to communicate with the pet.

The application allows you to:

  • Open access to the device to other people (family members, for example);
  • Share photos and videos of the pet with other Petcube owners, as well as view their materials;
  • Receive points and special badges for achievements (for example, playing with your pet 3 times a day).
  • Configuring both devices and applications is simple, so the Petcube instruction may not be useful.

New Items from Ukrainian Startup

Petcube announced the release of the second-generation Petcube Bites and Play cameras, which allow you to remotely entertain and feed your pets. Newer versions have improved features.

Novelties are distinguished by the presence of two cameras with wide-angle lenses, which allow you to cover 180 degrees of the surrounding space. Thus, it is possible to review the entire room. The cameras are capable of capturing video in 1080p resolution, support 4x digital zoom and night vision function. Pets can initiate a two-way video call by simply sitting in front of the camera. In this case, the owner will receive a notification on the smartphone asking if he agrees to accept the video call from his cat or doggie.

Recorded clips can be saved on a smartphone, sent to online services, saved in the Petcube App for iOS or Android. The company offers the optional Petcube Care cloud service costing from $ 3 to $ 10 per month with the ability to store up to 10 days of video history. The most expensive $ 10 plan offers Smart alerts, which uses AI to distinguish between cats, dogs, and people, and is complemented by sound recognition of barking and meowing to notify owners of potentially dangerous events.

Among other improvements, second-generation Petcube Bites and Play mention support for the 5 GHz frequency range for Wi-Fi wireless networks, the presence of an array of four microphones and built-in support for Alexa’s virtual assistant. New items will be shown at CES 2019. Then there will be more detailed information about them, including indicative prices.