5 Main Features of AVG Cleaner

Despite some controversial reviews about AVG Antivirus, you can still trust its Cleaner with optimization and disk cleanup. AVG Cleaner is a very popular tool we’ll discuss in the article below. Find out who can benefit the most from it and what you should expect to be done with the help of this app.

What’s AVG Cleaner?

AVG Cleaner is a free app for Mac and Android users. You may download from the App Store or the Play Market and install it within a minute. In the following AVG Cleaner review, you’ll learn more about the main peculiarities & advantages of the app.

The peculiarities worth your attention

 It works with smartphones and tablets that run on Android and iOS. As soon as you install it, the application will offer:

  1. Cash cleanup that removes hidden and seen processes that happen in the background.
  2. Disk cleanup implies the removal of all multimedia files that take too much space. Get the list of all files you may delete to free up some space and pick the ones you don’t need anymore.
  3. Photo gallery optimization is an interesting feature that scans the photos and automatically defines the duplicates and unsuccessful photos. Only you can decide which ones to remove. The app makes suggestions and you wipe left or right deciding to keep or remove the file.
  4. The cloud exchange feature will free some space by moving the files to your favorite cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  5. This app is supposed to optimize the device’s performance and save your battery life. Whenever the resources take too much battery power, the app switches them to the safe-power mode.

One of the advantages of the tool is automated reminders. You may install and forget about the program. Just activate the reminders. This way, as soon as the app spots unnecessary data, it’ll send you a notification to remove it.

AVG Cleaner has a very simple and straightforward interface. While the navigation is totally simple and intuitive, you might get annoyed by the ads you see at the bottom of the screen. Since the tool is free, the developer decided to make some money on you by showing you ads. They are 100% harmless unless you click on them.

Should you try the app?

Judging by the advantages above, the application is worth trying. There are several other reasons for installing it. For once, it’s absolutely free. This means you have nothing to lose. Just delete it if you are not satisfied with the quality of services.

Another reason to try it is the often notifications of having no free space even if you have virtually nothing on your smartphone. The software will remove all the junk files and optimize the device’s performance to help you get a better experience.

Finally, you’ll get some tips on how to store your files in the best possible way. AVG Cleanup will offer to delete bad files, apps you don’t use, etc. Since it’s very lightweight you might as well give it a try.

Does it require AVG Antivirus?

No. It’s a completely separate app you can use regardless of the antivirus you’ve got (if you even have it at all). The developer has other goals offering you optimization only. This is a great way to free up space and remove the files you don’t need. In case you need antivirus protection, you’ll have to download antivirus protection from any developer you like.

The verdict

AVG Cleanup is a useful user-friendly tool that often takes leading positions in the Play Market ratings. It has convenient features and many advantages. The most important one, however, is being free. AVG Cleanup app is very lightweight, so just give it a try and delete it if you don’t like it. There is nothing to lose here, except for junk file. Yet, keep in mind that you won’t be able to restore the deleted files. Look through the list of files and apps you delete before verifying the action.