Avast vs Norton Internet Security

Nowadays, the market for antivirus programs is replete with all sorts of suggestions. Some of them are distinguished by maximum capabilities and affordable price, some are multifunctional and innovative. We decided to conduct a comparative analysis of the paid and free version of the antivirus – Norton Internet Security and Avast.

Norton Internet Security Review

Speaking about the product, of course, we want to believe in the software slogan from the developers of Symantec, that it stops viruses and spyware before they get to your computer.

According to the developers, Norton Internet Security is equipped with even better protection than the predecessor of the series. Now every file download from the Internet this very minute is accompanied by a check for harmful infections. In addition to the huge virus base, NIS provides many other ways to recognize attacks on your system.

As you know, if on your computer you work with important information, everyone has it, there is some possibility that hackers will notice and attack you. Norton is designed to protect your emails and receive messages from all types and generations of viruses, infected attachments, and other network hazards. With Norton Internet Security, you can safely browse banking sites and online shopping web pages.

Positive aspects of antivirus include:

  • High Security
  • Flexible settings
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Quality support
  • Availability.

Another score in favor of Norton is its ease for the system. Many argue that this is the main feature of the package. The slowdown of the operating system and browsers while protecting with the help of this package is so imperceptible that according to this indicator Internet Security far surpasses all popular antivirus systems except Avast, namely Eset, Kaspersky, Panda Security, Avira and Microsoft SE.

In general, Internet Security is the fastest of antiviruses with an acceptable quality of protection, an uncomplicated interface and a large, large set of necessary functions, provided that you have extra money to pay for a license.

Avast Free Antivirus

Anti-virus development company Avast Software – one of the most used in the world. Today, almost half a billion users have installed Avast! Antiviruses on their computers. Such is the official statistics. One of the reasons for such popularity and prevalence is free of charge of this anti-virus package.

Avast! Free Antivirus is very generous in addition to and useful features of security software, which is recognized and according to official statistics. In addition to the expected components, namely, antivirus monitor and scanner in the package Avast! includes an automatic sandbox, a website reputation system, a module to protect browsers, and the function of blocking bad websites.

So in favor of Avast, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • Free
  • Reliability
  • AV-test verification, where the product scored 17.5 points out of 18
  • Popularity
  • Multifunctional

At the same time, the standard configuration of the anti-virus monitor with various security screens is able to check not only the applications being launched but also e-mail messages, scripts executed on the web pages, suspicious actions of programs, etc. Powerful application for the free program. And it seems that in terms of the range of functions for the antivirus program Avast is almost no different from Internet Security.

Final Word

Certainly, Norton Internet Security surpasses the free Avast in terms of its capabilities: a check of personal messages, the function of protection against children and nasty hackers may be irreplaceable. On the other hand, in the reliability of Avast! we have no chance to doubt because the program clearly monitors network threats, and the sandbox mode provides an opportunity to reflect on the fate of suspicious sites. This leads to the conclusion that Avast has certain advantages over Norton.