McAfee vs Avast

Which antivirus is better than McAfee or Avast?

The choice can be difficult, especially when it comes to the best. In the question of antivirus, we will consider two of the most recognized products that are marked as the best solutions in the fight against viruses. To understand the question of which option is better, you need to know better about these products and compare them. What we actually did.

What is McAfee

McAfee is developed by one of the famous American cybersecurity giants McAfee, Inc. The company’s headquarters is located in Santa Clara, California. McAfee is one of the most experienced players in the market and was founded in 1987 by John McAfee. In 2011, McAfee was acquired by Intel.

The developer offers a range of solutions for the ordinary user, as well as for business and large corporations.

McAfee offers a range of products for Windows, Mac (McAfee Total Protection for Mac), Android (McAfee Mobile Security & Lock for Android) and iOS users, and also provides endpoint, network, and cloud security solutions for viruses, malware, and other security threats.

To summarize, this antivirus has the following qualities:

  • Anti-virus protection: Excellent
  • Additional features: A wide range of additional security and privacy features
  • Impact on system performance: Minimum
  • Scans: Informative Scan
  • User Interface: Easy and friendly

What is Avast

Avast Software Inc. is a multinational cybersecurity software development company that protects almost half a billion users in the world.

Avast headquarters is based in Prague and has established another 25 offices worldwide. Also a veteran in the fight against viruses. The company was founded in 1988 and is still constantly developing its products using next-generation technologies, such as processes based on artificial intelligence.

Avast develops various products for business users and consumers, including free and paid antivirus solutions and Internet security solutions (Avast Antivirus for Windows, Avast Security for Mac, Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android), productivity tools ( Avast CleanUp) and ensure privacy (Avast SecureLine VPN) applications for all major operating systems and IoT devices.

In turn, Avast proposes to influence the system:

  • Anti-malware protests: Advanced
  • Security and privacy properties: Limited feature set
  • System-performance Impact: Heavy
  • Scanning performance: Fast and accurate with a negative impact on a system
  • User Interface: Intuitive and simple to use

McAfee and Avast security packages are designed by cybersecurity giants. Both companies provide robust and advanced technologies to protect users from various cyber threats and other useful security, privacy, and optimization features.

According to the latest test results, McAfee was recognized as one of the best antiviruses, gaining maximum points on the rock, because it provides very decent anti-virus protection indicators, a full-featured package with minimal impact on the system at a very reasonable price. But overall, malware detection and removal rates, performance, and usability results are similar for these programs. However, in terms of price, Avast is a clear winner. Their range of plans is generally cheaper, but they also offer a completely free version. Avast takes leadership in customer support. Both companies offer online documentation and telephone support, but Avast has an additional real-time chat feature that is useful if you are in a hurry and are away from the phone.