NordVPN vs PIA: The Battle for Users’ Choice

It is always pleasant to compare the best services. And after that, even making a game is much easier. This article will talk about the two best VPN services that many users and experts have already liked. This review is devoted to paid resources to crawl websites and is done with the aim of making it easier for you to understand the difference and make your choice. So let’s go back to our versus.

A few words about NordVPN

This service is originally from Panama and was created according to all criteria for protecting the privacy and freedom of the user. NordVPN attracts with its capabilities:

  • return of funds during the trial period
  • 5200 services and 60 countries
  • the license serves 6 devices per account
  • relatively competitive price

Therefore, this service was recognized as the best VPN for Mac, Windows, Android and one of the most preferred services for the American user.

And a few more words about Private Internet Access

This is one of the most popular programs for anonymous work on the Internet. Compared to higher-rated VPNs, Private Internet Access also has an affordable price and receives user praises for:

  • nice and clear interface
  • customization options
  • operational support service

Complaints to this service come from the low speed and frequent bands.

What is common between them?

First of all, it should be said that these two services are very worthy both in quality and performance. So, NordVPN, as well as the PIA receive high marks for the following properties:

  • no log of logs
  • high connection speed
  • the possibility of paying a subscription in various ways
  • optimal price and quality

But in fact, the similarity ends and certain differences begin, which determine the choice of the majority of the user.

How do these services differ?

And here begins the most interesting point. The fact is that if you look at it, NordVPN has even greater advantages and properties than PIA:

  • 30 day money back period instead of 7 days
  • more favorable subscription terms
  • dedicated server for accessing Netflix
  • masking modules for circumventing bans in China

And in the end, NordVPN receives much more positive feedback from users and experts.

Who is the winner

In fact, these two services can be called winners anyway. The only difference is that the PIA is more modest in comparison with the Nord. This program responds poorly to Netflix, provides a shorter trial period than its competitor and has less extensive capabilities.

On the other hand, if you just have a good VPN service, which simply provides an anonymous journey on the Internet, then the PIA will be an excellent option. If you want to visit Netflix, have more features and available servers, choose NordVPN.