Bitdefender Vs Avast

When the choice is between the best and the worst, there is no doubt that there is no choice. But what if you need to choose between the two best software to protect your computer and its data? Of course, you can read reviews or even test the software yourself. And you can get acquainted with the experience of those who have already conducted a test of two giants in the fight against viruses and make your own conclusion and choose Bitdefender and Avast.

Installation and reliability of antiviruses

The installation of both antiviruses is quite simple and is unlikely to cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. In addition, in case of difficulties with the installation and operation of the program, you can always contact the developer, because the support service works seven days a week. The features of Avast include the scan function during system boot, which allows you to identify and localize the identified threats even before the system is fully loaded. In general, the functions of Avast and Bitdefender are similar, and the test results have demonstrated their high effectiveness in combating various types of viruses and spyware. Add to this the user-friendly program interface.

Automatic performance

The Bitdefender interface is designed in a minimalist style, the program is equipped with extremely necessary functions, while a variety of gadgets that are rarely used by users are absent. Both programs are easy to configure, and in Bitdefender, it is possible to activate the autopilot mode altogether, in which the program makes all decisions regarding file and process checks independently without user intervention. The situation is similar to the identified threats. This anti-virus itself makes a decision regarding its further fate and removal to quarantine. At the same time, the user is always able to check a particular disk or file if it caused suspicions.

Safe work on the Internet

Both antiviruses protect your computer from viruses in real time, block malware and eliminate threats. Reliable Avast protection is provided not least by the automatic sandbox function, the blocking of sites or browser protection. When working on the Internet, antivirus from BitDefender SRL intercepts all web traffic before it enters the browser itself, which guarantees an even greater degree of protection against malicious programs and websites. The anti-virus can track suspicious processes, filter mail, and block malicious links that were sent to the user by friends or unfamiliar well-wishers. Bitdefender Antivirus guarantees security when making online payments.

System Impact

An important characteristic of antiviruses is not only the degree of protection of a computer from viruses and other delights of the modern IT world but also the degree of system load. Avast Antivirus boasts excellent computer protection against threats, but it can load the system from time to time, so weak machines can hang up when the antivirus scans a file. Bitdefender Antivirus is more patient and doesn’t heavily load the system, so all sorts of suspensions due to antivirus check are almost impossible. Smart Scan technology, which this antivirus can boast of, guarantees the rational use of computer power, thanks to which it evaluates the load on the computer and maintains maximum machine performance.

Advantages of antiviruses

Summarizing the review of these two popular antiviruses, it can be emphasized that both of them provide:

  • reliable protection of your computer against malware and viruses
  • check certain files and drives
  • scan removable media
  • easy to use
  • constantly updated
  • protect from extortionists.

Therefore, it cannot be said that some of these antiviruses are better or worse. Each product is attractive and reliable in its own way and provides uninterrupted protection against viruses.